The Adianez philosophy promotes a holistic approach towards education that challenges students to use higher level thinking skills, and also encourages them to become productive citizens who contribute to their community.

On the other hand, the needs of the community in general involve culturally and socially aware students who are able to communicate effectively in English in order to excel in the highly competitive professional and business environments. To address the needs of our constantly evolving society, Colegio Adianez established the Diamond Program in 2008, which provides instruction in English as the primary language in all subjects, except Spanish. The program started with a group of first grade students. The implementation of a strong curriculum based on standards of academic excellence, in addition to the dedication and commitment of the teachers towards providing students with a caring and encouraging environment, among other things, have been the key to the success of the Diamond Program.

  • Instruction is provided in English in all subjects except Spanish and Gym.
  • The program is currently serving grades 1st through 6th.