• Chief Executive Officer – José Sánchez

  • Chief Executive Officer – Elsa Fresno de Sánchez

  • School Director – Ana Cristina Sánchez

  • Assistant – Ivette Arzola de Class

  • Elementary School Counselor – Ana Cristina Reyes

  • Middle and Secondary School Counselor – Marian T. Martinó

  • Secretary – Lourdes Mont

  • Secretary – Hilda Ponce

  • Secretary – María Esparra

  • Librarian – Marilú Ramos

  • School Nurse – Maria del C. Pérez

Colegio Adianez is an independent co-educational private institution for students from Preschool through twelfth grade, founded by a Cuban immigrant in 1960 in the Metropolitan area. The school achieves academic excellence through a solid college preparatory curriculum that creates morally sound individuals with an awareness of ethical and social values. The language of instruction in the regular program from Preschool through twelfth grade is Spanish, except for the English classes.

In addition to the regular program, the school started in August 2008 an English immersion program for first grade students, where instruction is given in English, with the exceptions of Spanish and Gym classes. “The Diamond Program”, as it is known, is currently offered in grades first through sixth.


Vision and Philosophy

The aim of Colegio Adianez is to prepare students for a productive life in a complex world. Working hand-in-hand as a team with families, students and faculty, while nurturing a caring learning environment, enables us to assist our students to develop their intellectual, social and physical abilities to their fullest. Our goal is to prepare future leaders and professionals with social awareness and appreciation towards cultural diversity, which will adapt and contribute to a constantly evolving society.


Accreditations & Memberships

Colegio Adianez is licensed by the General Council of Education of Puerto Rico  since 1960, and accredited by The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools  and the “Comisión Acreditadora de Instituciones Educativas (CADIE).  The school is also a member of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, Caribbean Counselors Association, Puerto Rico Teachers of English to Students of Other Languages Organization, The American Camping Association, and The College Board.

CEEB Numbers: Puerto Rico 2836 | United States: 542130

Adianez accepts average to above average college bound students. The Admission Process starts in January for the following school year, and consists of: reviewing the student’s academic record from any previous schools, taking an admission test, writing a personal statement, submitting recommendations from former teachers and schools and being interviewed. Admission decisions are made without regard to race, sex, color, religion, or nationality or ethnic origin.

Total school enrollment for the 2014-2015 academic year is approximately 600  students, with 300 in the Middle and High School. Average class size is twenty five to thirty three students. The school faculty is composed of more than forty full time qualified professionals.

Diploma & Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate and obtain a High School Diploma, students must serve 40 hours of community service and complete a minimum of 24 academic credits distributed as follows:

4 credits of each of the following subjects: English, Spanish, History and Mathematics, 3 credits in Science, 2 credits (minimum) in Electives, and 1 credit each in Physical Education, Health and Liberal Arts.


Honors & Advanced Placement Courses *

Honors or Advanced Placement courses are offered for the following subjects in High School: Science (H), Mathematics (H), and English (AP).

* An additional .025 grade point is given to the final grade each semester for Honors Classes in Math and Science. For English AP, the additional grade point is .050. Students receive written reports on academic performance twice a semester. There are several Parent/Teacher meetings scheduled during the year in order to discuss the student’s progress. Students also meet with a School Counselor to discuss their academic performance.

Elective Courses

Advanced Physics, Business Administration, Calculus, Pre Calculus, College Math, Computer Technology, Culinary Arts, Dance, English AP, Ethics, French, Health, Home Economics, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Italian, Life Skills, Music I and II, Portuguese, and Theatre.

Extracurricular Activities

Most of our students are involved in one or more of the following clubs, organizations or activities: Athletics (Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Track and Field and Table Tennis), Chess, Film Club, Glee Club, International Educational Travel, English Club, National Honor Society, Robotics, Washington Workshops, Young Leader’s Congress, Student Council, English Forensic, Spanish Oratory, Math Club, and Big Buddies. Professional Intership.


Grading System & Honor Marks

First Honor 
Second Honor 
3.50- 3.74